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have you been introduced to our lord and saver of humens, john freeman

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Anonymous said:

Who muppets the muppet men? Are they "The Muppet Muppet Men"? (Kinda like a "Who watches the Watchmen" sort of deal)

i don’t know but this gif may help

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how many muppets do you

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I’ve seen some people talking about how that don’t really know to wrap their heads around how a hat wraps around a head, so I thought I’d throw out there my extremely cheap and poorly thought out way of going about it. BEHOLD, TUBE HATS, modeled by the Spine, because I felt like drawing him. :D

  1. Draw your head! If the character has hair or what have you, I suggest drawing it, as well. Hair effects how a hat sits on the head, so it makes sense to include it.
  2. Find the point on your person’s forehead where their hat rests, someplace between the eyebrows and the hairline, and trace a circle around the head, roughly in alignment with that spot. If you happen to know the person wears their hats at an angle, you’ll want to figure that out here by making the circle go at an angle. I swear, you’ll want to do this NOW, not later. It’ll save your sanity. And the circle doesn’t have to be pretty, you’ll be cleaning it up later and no one will see it (unless you’re making a cracky tutorial, sob).
  3. Once you’ve got your circle, here’s the cheap part: make a tube. That’s right, make a tube. Make it look like they’ve got a giant toilet paper tube stuck on their head. The tube should probably be as tall as the hat you want to draw. I highly recommend drawing another circle on top, mimicking the one around their head. It’ll make shaping the crown easier.
  4. Now you’ll want to flesh out the crown. My example is a fedora, but you’ll want to probably look at examples of the hat you’re trying to draw on Google Images, or something. There’s no shame in referencing things, seeing as you can’t draw something if you don’t know what it looks like! Make use of the upper circle of the tube to figure out where the back of the crown is and the general curve of it. The sides of the tube make finding the sides of the hat a snap!
  5. And the last drawing part, and possibly the most frustrating for me, is the brim. If it’s a full brim, you need to follow the guide of the first circle and make a bigger circle around the head, keeping in mind how deep a brim you want. If it’s curved (like most hat brims are), you’ll need to noodle that out on your own. I don’t have a good explanation on how to do it, it just takes time, practice, and lots of reference photos. Bills are weird and I’m not explaining them here. :V You’re on your own, kid.
  6. And then… clean up! That’s it! The hat is done! You’re free, FREE! FREEDOM, AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!1

And that’s it. There’s way better ways to go about it, I’m sure, but if you’re just starting out (or painfully lazy, like me), this is a good starting point. And it works for any formed hats, so far as I can tell. It’s not so great for a floppy knit stocking cap, but those are so amorphous that you can just sort of draw a wiggly line around someone’s noggin’ and call it a day. :V

I’ll be obnoxious and tag this for the fanmily.

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Friendly reminder that Michael Jones is 10x more creepy when he’s containing his anger.

what the fck how havent i seen this

Oh my god

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but seriously though whoever has hoarded the daniel nox tumblr HAS NO IDEA HOW VALUABLE IT IS

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it’s your second guess then


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jovian12 said:

thanks you reminded me to hoard one

let me guess it’s joe verger

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via jovian12,


posts about canon urls for forum adventures on my dash

goes to check out of curiosity

sam herbert, ava von hall, percy o’neil, and cherry trau all appear to be hoarded

(cherry is password protected??? why)

rick l worth, louis stone, helen bixby, and darrel grey are free SOMEONE GO TAKE THEM

juliet ross has no posts but it looks to be claimed by someone unrelated

quin orwell is taken and I vaguely remember that happening.  which one of you took quin

I’m…………amazed, to say the least

I would hoard rick for myself but I have a policy where I need to have a use for every url I take or else it feels wrong

oh my god

i decided to look up my own characters and see if anyone was taken

Thalia, Seth, Connor, Abigail, Camilla, and Joe are NOT TAKEN (like I expected).

Daniel Nox, surprisingly, IS hoarded but has nothing on it, and Kate is…well, this. The last post is in 2011, though, so I definitely think it was created before THG was a thing.


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